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    • By bearback
      Good day all
      Just a quick question running 4.6.6 and just noticed when hovering over somebody's name you used to be able to see were they where in the forum. Does not seem to show their activity. Is there a option to reset or re-enable.
      Hopefully explained correctly. 
      Thank you
    • By shiobi
      When you set your community a locale that uses comma as a decimal separator instead of dot, i.e: Spanish, progress bars are displayed incorrectly.

    • By Boris_
      This plugin allows members to specify their physical location (accurate to the nearest town or city) and allows other members to search for members based on the location.
      Users can specify their location when registering or editing their profile. In the AdminCP you can set if the location is required in either or both of these locations. When entering a location, autocomplete is provided which automatically detects the user's physical location (based on their IP address) to find towns close by. Location shows on user's profile and when viewing the member list. If you have specified a location yourself, it will also show the distance between you and that member on the member list. When searching the member list, you can search for users within a certain distance (in miles or km, configurable from AdminCP setting) of a particular town or city and sort by distance from that place. When searching the member list, you can also sort results by distance from you without specifying a location. When viewing the member list, a quick "Members near me" link shows which will quickly filter the list to users close to your location and sort by distance. Works great with Enhanced Member List
      Important: Before installing this plugin you must have configured your Google Maps API key
      Latest version (1.2.x) is compatible with Invision Community 4.4.x. To use with older versions, download version 1.1.2 instead.
    • By Chris027
      Hi Guys, is there any way to find more information about specific searches? 
      288 time per day my site has searches for the term exasound e28. This can't be a person. When I search this term, I get 489 results. The search stats say whatever is doing this search gets 0 results. 
      Any info the helps me figure this out would be fantastic. 


    • By onlyME
      This plugin provides search form that will search any content with autocomplete functionality and show results with thumbnails for applications: Downloads, Forums (Topic Thumbnail required), Pages, Gallery, Blog, Calendar, Videobox, Musicbox, Tutorials 
      Enable/Disable plugin. Permissions for member groups. Max results. Search incomplete words Find results in Content titles only  |  Content titles and body Search Mode: OR / AND Set default search type for all pages Show category and author in search results. Display Quick Search in mobile & tablet *NEW* Demo: http://demo.ipsviet.com
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