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Apple Music Song Embedding (Support Topic)

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5 hours ago, JacobM said:

Any idea if this plugin will also work for Apple Podcasts?

It works for links from the Music app starting with …
This can include podcasts. 

It won’t work for links copied in the podcasts app which start with …


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Hi Ralf

How do you change the theme from light to dark?  I can do this in the browser console, but can't find any templates or CSS files. 

<embed-root realm="music" theme="dark" data-dashlane-observed="true" class="root ltr music large" hydrated=""></embed-root>

Gives this:

Could contain: Text, File, Person, Human, Interior Design, Indoors, Paper

As opposed to default:

Could contain: Text, Person, Human

I have both light and dark themes so I'd like light on light and dark on dark.

Other than that it works brilliantly.   With thanks 🙂

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