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Why does word filter affect registration emails?


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I changed a word to be filtered into 2 STARs "**" and now I am getting tons of complaints because email addresses are being affected

Softbodylover ( f**n.pues@icloud.com ) said:


Since a few weeks I am not able to log in.

There's an error message: Your current e-mail adress cannot accept mails anymore (or something like that). When I enter another Mail-adress I get further errors.

I hope you can help me.



Rick ( ricknick617@att.net ) said:

I have been trying to sign up, but it keeps telling me my email address, ricknick617@att**, is not a legit email address. Lease advise.

This doesn't seem helpful at all. I would prefer if the word filter sticks to the stuff being posted to the site.

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