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How to chnage url and name of app

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Just now, Meddysong
1 hour ago, ahc said:

You can usually do it via language strings and editing the friendly url associated with the app.

Not the name of the app itself, unfortunately. Forums is /forums, even if you change /topic etc.

I assumed he was talking about 3rd party apps, not core.

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55 minutes ago, Paul E. said:

You can change the root app portion of the URL by editing the furl.json file in applications/<the app you're interested in>/data/furl.json.

Yes, that's the solution which some of us (with self-hosted sites) have had to adopt but it should be added that IPS has strongly advised against doing this, expressing that this is tampering with core files, could cause problems, and is not something that their support team would assist with. In other words, if your site runs into problems and they notice you've done this, you're on your own.

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