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Marketplace Post Purchase, Install, & Configure

Ocean West

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To make the user experience after purchase and installation of a marketplace offering via the ACP. The user should be directed to a page providing GPS directions to configure said purchase.

There are so many destinations where one would find the newly installed product's configuration settings.

  • Directly in the sidebar
  • In the Applications
  • In the Plugins
  • A new category section in the suite
  • Themes
  • Languages
  • Additional settings to the core or app's config page.

I spent 5 minutes trying to find where to configure something i just installed. 


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Actually it was a different product; but yes i do see that now thank you. 

However nobody reads instructions LOL (self included) 

I'd love to see a tiny flag 🆕 or some label in the ACP that indicates new settings, and something hasn't been configured yet. 

Or even clickable links that resolve to that direct page in my ACP

Perhaps as part of IPS developer program download package it should include ACP payload of keywords so that users can search the ACP for specific app settings. 

As this area of IPS is very new of great interest everyone I am hoping while code is still fresh and and malleable we can see some great innovations 😄 

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