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Make warnings public

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Hi there! 

Is there a way to make warnings that a member gets from moderators public? Or show on that member's post that was reported? 

For example, people report a member's comment...

Moderators issue warning points...

Now, that member's post includes a moderator message or icon indicating it's been reported and the user received warning points. 

I get asked all the time if anything happened after a member submitted a report about another user. Thoughts? 

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Okay, so I want to put this out there as a "for instance". If you do something dumb do you want EVERYONE knowing about it or only the people that have deemed the disciplinary action?

I akin public notification of administrative/moderator actions to something of right of knowledge the only people that NEED to know are the reported person and the moderators/administrators. Anyone else that wants to know is a nosy ass Karen that needs to get her nose out of my ass.

To put it more plainly. Just because Karen reports me doesn't mean she needs to know if I was reprimanded or fired. Its none of Karens business.

To me you need to setup a better expectation for your members to not be informed of something like that. Its not their business and unless it involves harassment (which is a different circumstance and requires a different approach administratively but still doesn't require public ANYTHING). You need to make a clearer line there IMHO.

Missi Pyle Karen GIF by MOODMAN

Edit: I realized another point against this. Public notification of staff actions is a fear tactic. Its a way to scare people into abiding. Certainly not the best way to grow a community.

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This is not a software feature but a process issue I think.

The way I handled these things back in the days of flame wars and trolling (read late -90's early 2000) was this:

  1. A forum thread spirals and get reported.
  2. A staff member steps in and ask the people in the thread to please calm down and that the a discussion will be taken in PM's with the people involved.
  3. Each person is contacted individually to hear their side of the story (listening is important here).
  4. A decision is taken on how to proceed.
    1. Usually cooler heads prevail and the involved people appologize for their behaviour, privately or publicly as they feel comfortable with.
    2. A member or several members deide to leave the community on their own
    3. A member or several members are banned due to their actions or lack of action.
  5. Once the action is decided it is publicly announced, usually with a thanks for the cooperation of the people involved to resolve the situation.

If handled correctly then you can make most situations into something positive. Just treat people with respect and understand that misbehaving online is usually done for a reason. Once you find that reason then not only can you defuse almost any situation, but you also build a very strong community.

So in my opinion you do not need the system to publicly announce anything, this should be a part of the process how you handle these situations.


This is also why I suggest weekly overview of warning points where people that have redeemed themselves continously see their warning points removed. One bad action should not overshadow the good actions and we want to put the focus on the good things and not the bad.

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4 hours ago, breatheheavy said:

I respect that. On my forum it's actually been requested quite a lot. 

Your topic is posted on feedback area and that will make people to post their opinions because IPS has to balance between several opinions before take any action on requests.

My opinion is that you will never see something like that implemented in the software because that exposes moderators actions and members issues in public. Not a good idea in any aspect  

Anyway, this is a thing for a custom job.


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