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Locking topic, auto prune followers

Ocean West

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if a mod manual locks a topic that will never allow replies what would be the point of followers.

  • Follow option should be removed when thread is locked.
  • Existing followers should be pruned after x days if the topic remains locked beyond threshold.

Should other features be removed on lock topics? (exempting admin/mods)

  • Sharing
  • Promotion
  • Rating
  • Reactions
  • Recommend
  • Tagging
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Thanks @Adriano Faria if your referring to the prune feature it says:


Remove follow records for members who have not logged in for a period of time. The member will not be notified if there is new activity on something they were following.

I have been using your Dead Topic Protection plugin - been working great users are not resurrecting decade old posts.

I have already been pruning follows for users over 1000 days (may make that year )...

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1.  What's the harm in actually having locked topics with lots of followers?  Just curious, are you concerned about the performance impact (or are you slightly OCD like me and you just want to spring clean your community every single day 🙂.)

2.  What about locked topics that become unlocked and the conversation then continues? 

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LOL - no harm - slightly OCD hate clutter. 

However it struck me odd that i could actually follow a locked post. Or allows users to interact with said locked post. With reactions etc.

I guess there could be two reasons you are locking a post, each have valid reasons for level of lock.

  • Announcements or Guidelines etc that is intended to be one way info, ok to follow and interact with any replies. 
  • Moderated Discussion. Full lockdown no sharing, interaction, following - low chance of it being unlocked. Essentially a static page.
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Administrators and moderators can often reply to locked content. It's also not uncommon for some communities to lock certain news announcements they don't want discussion on, but you may still want to allow sharing and so forth.

I guess what I'm saying is I see your point, but I don't know that a blanket change would work for all communities.

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