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Smart Moderator Email Notification Queue...

Ocean West

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So if you have a handful of moderators, when you have rules to require approval to post for example, every one gets emailed, by the time they get it the action most likely is already taken care of by another moderator.

perhaps moderators could specify a standing set schedule or hours that cover their "shift" they volunteer for (in their time zone)

when it is outside their shift all moderation emails would queue up  and if the issue was taken care of before their next shift these notices would be cleared from their queue. 

Perhaps there could be even be a buffer between local notification and when email notification. Many times I've been on the site and get a request I have already taken care of it and with in few minutes I still get an email about the request after the fact.

End goal is to reduce needless notifications, emails clutter, reduce cost (email quotas) 

this would nicely fit in with 




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