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Dedicated browsers for mobile tablets and phones in Apple

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I've played around with this for some time now and my starting project has been on the android tablet and mobile versions only connecting to a forum landing page.

Here's my Icon


Here's the app for android.


It works with a browser but it would be better not to have the address bar on top and i had the chance of to have this but not in this way..

I wondered if anyone could help me with this project .. at the end it could be a very clean app you open on tablets and mobiles.

Any offers welcome


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Here's a few screen shots inside the app and I would like the address bar removing just like the second screen shot:- Screenshot_2020-07-19-18-38-55.thumb.png.152d2095ce7fc24719e6b65d175e1c9f.png



As you can see the main address bar is now missing which is not needed:-



I've also created a pull out bar with short-cuts to parts of the forum.


Here is the latest app so far:-

forum test_1.0.apk

If anyone would like to take on this please let me knew thanks.



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