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generate PDF invoice and download all invoices by date range


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Hello everyone,

I don't know about you, but as a forum owner selling subscription plans and products, I will have to generate lot of invoices and download all of them. However ACP will not do any of that, I know IPS is not an accounting software but it just doesn't have the minimum requirements to get the work done to deliver to the accountant. 

I don't know about other forum owners selling products and subscriptions, but I have from 500 invoices every quarter. And there is not a way to download all the invoices, not even the possibility of manually generating a PDF of a single invoice 😞 😞

I don't know about other countries but where I live in Spain, and in many other countries, you have to deliver all the invoices every quarter. I will send them to the accountant, those with VAT and those without VAT and then he will do the magic to pay the taxes to the government.

What is IPS missing? A few basic functinalities. I am not asking for a complex accounting software, it's way beyond the scope of this message, but IPS doesn't even generate a PDF of an invoice and that's very sad. It can only print, cancel, redund or delete. Print will generate and HTML page that you "could use" to print it as PDF. But it's not the same, nothing to do with a PDF template with a fixed width and layout. IPS doesn't have any of that.


These are the basic functionalities that it should have. 

  • Generate PDF invoice for every single payment or invoice
  • Ability to attach the PDF invoice in the email sent to the user that paid for a product or subscription plan
  • Bulk download all PDF invoices at once with a single click. See attachment. It's the online payment software I am currently using, it has all that a much more. and it's just a membership software. But at least I can generate the PDF and download all of them at once
  • PDF template to generate a professional looking template. The Print invoice function is far from that
  • Filter payments/invoices by dates so that the invoices for the last quarter or month can be downloaded and sent to the accountant. There is an actual search for invoices that filters them out by date, the bulk pdf invoice would be needed


Like I said above, I don't know how other forum owners selling products do it but you just can't sell products in my country and not paying the taxes for each and every country they are being sold to. And ACP is missing three very basic functions: generate PDF, download PDF, download all PDF invoices.

Thanks a lot for reading me. Have a great day and stay safe

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I would add that the invoice would need an editor to control how everything looks and what is actually shown. Both to make it compliant with legal requirements and branding requirements. The default IPS invoice is extremely simple. 

At the moment, I am dealing with every purchase manually and add them to my own invoice program, but that is a lot of unnecessary work. 

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