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Support cross-frontend-backend


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Need Support system with cross-frondend-backend ability.

Our tasks are alround the when a customer generated a purchase,

1. there is already request for automation creating support request thread for each invoice generated(with the invoice attached or related),

2. Many times as staff, we have to create conversations related the invoice. Right now I found the Note inside the invoice template, but it just for add extra information to the invoice and it is printable. I found too the Customer View page, there have a Manage note, but it can´t not generate notification and it only visible enter to Customer View page, that is not alway we need to do. So we need  the way that let us as staff connected from acp and frontend side. Into this way we need ability to access and share invoice, shipment and customers informations,

Support and PM can not be combined?

If Support request can be created automatically when invoice is created, I still dreaming it is the solution,

    ----because it already embed the staff note ability, it just need a better view design and retouch

    ----As staff we enter to suppor from front end, there can be used as a type of Inbox, showing requestes generated and all additional conversations created between staff. This Support way should be cross-frontend and acp. For customer side.

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