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Display Forum Blog Pictures In Preview

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Here is my Blog on my forum https://roofcleaninginstitute.org/blogs/blog/5-tile-roof-cleaning-tampa-813-655-8777/

My forum ranks on the first page in a search for tile roof cleaning tampa florida. However, when you click on the forum search result, the Blog and it's Posts are displayed, however, no pictures are :(

Unless I am doing something wrong, IMHO this inability to display at least one picture seriously compromises the ability of Invision Forum Blogs.

Any thoughts ?

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6 hours ago, Matt said:

The grid view will show a snippet of each blog, you can add an image as a header for each entry.

Thanks for the fast reply Matt!

Exactly HOW to you go back into old blog posts and add a header image ? I can't figure out how to do it

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