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Adblocker Off and Cookie notifications

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23 hours ago, RocketStang said:

What are you guys using for notifications to turn ad blockers off and for cookie usage notifications?  Thinking about adding them to my forum but I'd like something that isn't a ton of code and easy to install/upgrade.

Cookie notice is built into the software. And here's an AdBlock detector :


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On 6/27/2020 at 8:21 AM, RocketStang said:

What are you guys using for notifications to turn ad blockers off

Nothing. Those kind of notifications drive users away to the point they won't come back. I've seen numerous people comment about how they won't return to a site because of those prompts. Forbes is always a big one that comes up.

If you block someone from your site because they have an adblocker, what's going to make them want to see your site? They'll find another website with the information they need.

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If you go round someones house for a party and they ask you to take your shoes off before entering, would you say no I'm not, I'll go find another party to go to instead?

What happens to the party when 70%, 80%, 95% of guests refuse to take their shoes off. The party is over. 

Some websites include forums rely heavily on ad revenue, if you have a few not overly intrusive adverts on show that help keep the site online, then find some visitors simply refuse to view them, I would be fine losing them as I'm confident that my site is the best available in the niche and for that one person that refuses, 5 more will show up and gladly help support the site. 

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Case in point and a key example:

From AutoModerator:


WARNING! The link in question may require you to disable ad-blockers to see content. Though not required, please consider submitting an alternative source for this story.

WARNING! Disabling your ad blocker may open you up to malware infections, malicious cookies and can expose you to unwanted tracker networks. PROCEED WITH CAUTION.

Do not open any files which are automatically downloaded, and do not enter personal information on any page you do not trust. If you are concerned about tracking, consider opening the page in an incognito window, and verify that your browser is sending "do not track" requests.


I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns.

A big news website gives a warning about the AdBlock Warning on their website and the risks it poses. Yeah, it shows what a bad idea it is.

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21 hours ago, Tarun said:

Those kind of notifications drive users away to the point they won't come back.

What if I told you there is nothing wrong with that?

Ad-financed websites run a simple deal: we provide a service for free—you pay for it with just your attention to ads. That’s it. If people aren’t willing to “pay” this way, then we don’t need to serve them. It’s not like they are doing us a favour using our site. THEY are the ones wanting to use our service. They want to get their questions answered in our forums. They want to learn from the articles we write and so on. So either they agree to our conditions, or they might be blocked from using our services. 

Imagine a fare dodger on the subway, who never pays and the “threatens” the subway company to let him continue to ride the subway for free every day or he won’t use it anymore. That would be ridiculous, wouldn’t it? It’s the same with ad-block users. 

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