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Add Show More to widgets


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Hi, right now I alway use the widget Recet Update to update me which are the marketplace files are new or recently updated, but the widget is missing a so important little thing, I can not find the button Show More.

Right now the widget only contain 8 files to show, in case when a developer update their 8 files, then I can not see which others files are new too...

It need a button Show More, with the button show me the recent updates files by date....

I don't know if this problem is generated because Browse Category of Marketplace we don't find Sort files by date

As old user, what I want to know is New Files added and which files are updated....maybe after 1 de week are so many new files added, I will miss the others new files if just display last 8....

I think Show More should be applied for ther widget too....and this is not new feature....

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I've commented on this before - it's great to be able to see recent updates, but when one developer has multiple items and updates them all at the same time, it floods the widget; perhaps if some kind of grouping were available that could be expanded it wouldn't eat up all the widget space.  Of course the other option is to follow the content and you will be emailed (if that's your choice) when something is updated.  I'd still like to see some additional improvements to the widget as it encourages people to look at something they may decided to purchase.



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