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hide checkbox save this card for future purchases

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Hello everyone,

I was wondering if anyone out there has the skills to code a small function to hide the checkox Save this card for future purchases in the checkout page.

Before submitting any payment with stripe, credit card or PayPal, there is a check box that says 'save this card for future purchases and renewals'? The subscription the user is signing for has automatic renewals, we do not need them to remind them of that. He is already signing for a monthly recurrent membership subscription, having the checkbox visible would hinder the process and potentially prevent him from being charged in the next subscription cycle.

How can that option be disabled? I mean, I do not want to remind them by email (IP Board does= of a new payment and I do not want them to uncheck the save card option. It should be hidden and true for all payments and subscriptions until the unser cancels it from their profile or ask me to cancel it automatically. This is what I have been doing for years in my business and what I see everywhere. Its not possible to do this on IP Board.

Anyone available to do this? See attachment.

Thanks a lot



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