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Improve shopping experience, show item added


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Hello, one of the inconvenience is after adding a item to cart, the product page is viewed by the user, don't show the quantity added and the amount is. 

In my use of scene, the users need to select more than one product, regularly 10 or 20 products, right now is so tricky you have to exit the product page and go to the cart notification to see which products are already added, because maybe you have to enter the store page again for more added items to cart action. 

Could you add automation of notification in the item or product page? If we have this feature will be 100% enhanced by the shopping experience, because users just view each product, add items to cart - the info of quantity added and their amount are recorded in the item page, users don't need to go to the cart page to see which items are already added. Users just continue surfing for more products and adding more items to cart - and happy to go to checkout. 

When the checkout is finished, the added to cart info should be removed too. In case the user has to leave the store page with the checkout unfinished, when returning to the store and checking the product item, the user will see the item is already added to the cart. I think this is so smooth shopping experience. 

Users just have to navigate products or items and the items added to the cart (quantity and amount) are shown in the same items page.


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