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Status Updates for Members?

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2 minutes ago, Daniel F said:

There's no sidebar widget for this in the core!

They can update their status from the create menu or from their profile once they activated the status updates!

None of my groups have Status in the create menu and I do have a sidebar widget on my index page?  How do members activate status?


ETA...I see the on/off button in member's profile.  Is there any ACP setting to turn them on by default?

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1 minute ago, RocketStang said:

There are 2 settings in the ACP...I found another in Profiles> Profile Settings but I have it set to on by default yet they are not on by default for all groups...



That’s the one I was talking about. It will enable for all new members from the moment you enable it. For old members, you will have to run a query. 


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