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Mobile Navigation - Empty Links


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When you’re in the menu and you go to a sub menu, you have to scroll up in order to see the text/links.

Menu > Support and More > (empty, scroll up to see the links).

I was meant to post this a while ago as it’s really annoying. This is also relevant to the current beta (but my feedback relates to the currently stable edition of IPS). Could this please be improved?

Also can the market place have it’s own link and submenu rather than being hidden behind support and more, as it took me ages to find the Marketplace link on mobile (cell phone).

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4 hours ago, kmk said:


Cheers same issue, so you should’ve added yours here as a reply!
But, this isn’t related to this new beta it’s always been here on this site, on support and more you just have to scroll up so it’s not actually missing, but for an average user they would think it is.

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