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Change Pages date sorting order to date published


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The following is related to Pages, and possibly other applications too.

From what I can see when clicking on a tag within a page, the search results are sorted by record_saved field rather than the record_publish_date field, which would be more logical. This becomes an issue for example when you need to backdate content.

Suggestion: Sort the content by the publish date rather than the date the record is saved, and use the record_publish_date field when presenting the date on the search results page. Alternatively, use the "Sort by" database Pages admin setting.


Search results date:

Actual publish date:


To reproduce:

  1. Go to: https://www.studio.se/search/?tags=fredagstipset&updated_after=any&sortby=newest (this is the search result of the tag "fredagstipset")
  2. Make sure the sorting order is set to "Date" (Datum) and not "Relevancy" (Relevans).
  3. Make note of the sorting order, indicated by the save date under the respective item
  4. Make note of the publish_date within each post

FYI: The database is set to sort by Publish date.


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