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Database to forum : how to include the picture

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I have a databse which allow me to create articles and that work fine.

I choose the option to autamtically create a subject in the forum. This work fine also BUT my subjet in the forum only have raw text. No pciture at all....


How can I change that to have at least the picture of what we are talking about ?

And also in my subject I have (title): (value)


Any what clue what is that and where it come from ?


Thanks for your help




An Example :

My record :



The subject created :



I only have the core text part...


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There is no direct option define the forum output for the record image. But everything about the forum post content is controlled by this theme template:


You could probably customize that to get what you need. I assume the record image is in $record->record_image, but I haven’t tested it. 

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