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Copy a thread to blog

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I think one of the best features that IPS has in terms of "putting community created content center stage" is the "Copy to database" feature found in threads:


screenshot from recent blogpost


What this does, is take the opening post and make it into an article in pages, and then you have a checkbox that if checked, will copy all the comments in the thread to comments in the article. basically "reversing" the "open thread" feature that we have when publishing an article.


This led us to a question, is there any way to do the same thing but as a blog?
Open a thread, click "copy to blog", Select the posts you want to be blog posts, and copy all the other posts to comments chronologically (i.e all comments posted between first and second selected posts are copied to being comments on the first blog post, posts between 2 and 3 become comments on 2nd blog post and so on).


Did anybody succeed in doing something like that? If not, Is there enough interest in such a feature to take it up with the IPS dev team?

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