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    • By Michael Parent
      It's been days now and we can't find the cause or solution for this problem ,and the support ticket system seems to be gone or hidden beyond finding in the IPS dashboard.

      When new potential members want to create a forum account either for the forum or to buy our product or both, they get as far as the sign up page and are able to fill everything out, but the section titled "Security Check" just has the title and no captcha or check box or anything else... and when a potential customer fills out all the other info and clicks "create my account", after a few seconds it just says something like "failed security check, try again".

      Does anyone have any ideas how to fix this?

      Are there any IPS technical support staff around, and if so, where did the support ticket system go? How do we contact you in case of an emergency? This already cost us a few hundred dollars in sales and will continue to do so every few days.


    • By Optimvs
      How is the best way to create a help guide in IPS as your IPS Help Guide? Pages and Databases or other options? Thanks a lot.
    • By Marco Junior
      Hello everyone,
      I need help with post anonymous, when I create a new topic with this function.
      Does dont possible edit my post for not anonymous because when editing nothing occurs the topic continue anonymous.
      Any solution for this ?



    • By NAWAC
      I am using the API to create topics successfully. However, I cannot seem to be able to add a poll to a topic via the API . Here is what I'm using as my post fields that is sent to the API via curl. Note, everything below the /* poll variables below */ comment is what I'm trying to post as the poll data to the topic. The topic still gets posted, but the poll does not get created in the topic.  What am I doing wrong?
      $post_fields = array(                     'key'             => urlencode($apiKey) // the topic id                     ,'forum'         => urlencode(IPBFORUM_ID) // the forum id                     ,'title'        => urlencode('This is the title') // the title                     ,'post'         => urlencode($message)                     ,'author'        => urlencode($user_id)                     ,'author_name'    => urlencode($author_name)                      ,'hidden'         => urlencode('0') /* poll variables below */                     ,'poll_title'    => 'Cast your vote'                     // poll_options: Array of objects with keys 'title' (string), 'answers' (array of objects with key 'value' set to the choice) and 'multichoice' (bool)                     ,'poll_options' => array('title'        => urlencode('Make your choice, either Yes or No:')                                             ,'answers'        => array('Yes','No')                                             ,'multichoice'     => '0'                                             )                     ,'poll_public'    => '0' // bool     Make the poll public                     ,'poll_only'    => '0' // bool     Make this a poll-only topic                 );  
    • By johnhatcher
      I have a mod who gets this error every time he tries to create a private message to another user.  What can I do to fix this?
      Oddly, he can receive messages and reply to them with no problem but cannot initiate a conversation.
      There is almost nothing in his inbox.  Just a couple of prior message threads with 1 or 2 replies and no attachments that I'm aware of.

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