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    • By Optimvs
      Hi, I only have a payed subscriptors and I have a problem, when any user unsubscribe your plan they can continue to send messages to all forum users. There is not protected or I can't find any option to config this parameters.
      Another requirement about private messages should be that we can select who members group are permited to send.
      For example, only can send to administrators and moderators.
      Can you take a look if it is posible?
      Thanks a lot.
    • By Adriano Faria
      This plugin will set a number of content items that users must have to start a private message. User will still be able to reply to existing/new private messages.
      Display number of items required on the error message Number of content items required Apply restrictions to (choose groups)
    • By Bill Edwards
      Dear All
      Is there a way to prevent a member using the PM system?
      I did try creating a new group with PM's set to ZERO, but on testing it, the ability to send a PM was STILL available. 
      The background (in case you have another suggestion?) is that a member has sent a couple of objectionable PM and we want to stop him from sending PM's
      Any help gratefully received.
      Many thanks
    • By kmk
      In the topic owner management, sometimes replies are good to see by public, but maybe some replies aren't good enough to let it see publicly, so another ability requires is keep that reply only vissible for owner or moderators and responder. 
      In case of extreme difficulty hide that reply as topic owner tool. 
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