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Product Payment Plan End Date Question

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Here's what I have been trying to do for months:

Set up a product (a class, for example) with a monthly or quarterly payment plan that automatically invoices and charges the customer. 

This is not a subscription. It's a payment plan, so I don't want my customers charged after they have paid off their product. 

I have recurring payments set up with some of my products, but I have found no way to set an end-date, which effectively makes them subscriptions. 

Is there any chance that an end-date will become a feature? Does anyone know a workaround? Right now, I am looking at using my Acuity scheduling app, which can not only schedule my clients for classes, but invoice them, charge them, and set up payment plans with end dates. Sounds great, but my whole community is over here on Invision and my products are all set up in the store. I'm currently entering students manually into my Acuity schedule so they'll get Zoom reminders, but that's not going to scale. 

Grateful for any ideas.

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