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    • By Eudemon
      If you can't purchase, please try here (also reduced price)
      This plugin enables few features for download
      Optional Add Sign in button and highlight text
      when file require login to download, redirects user back to the page after complete
        Optional Add download button
      that show on top of pagination of auto generated topic
      on click redirects user to the download page
        Plug and play, author will auto follow the generated topic
      based on his follow setting, IPS default just creates the topic with no follow
        Optional Disable user from editing auto generated topic
        Optional allow open linked file in new tab
      External links submitted to download will open in new tab instead of redirect user away from your community
        And more ...
      this plugin will get more features added Planned feature:
      Notification setting auto follow new update on download
      Auto promote user on file approval
      (maybe) show reason why they can't download if exceed quota for download / bandwidth / wait time
      All my Apps support
      Follow best coding practice Support language translation
      Reuse default system element as much possible
      ensure compatibility of theme and other component updates Edit logging
      Permission sets
    • By Michael.J
      Add enhancement to the announcements feature. Show only to members who have or have not purchased selected packages, how many days since a member joined and select custom background and text colors for each announcement.
      Features Display announcements to members who have or have not purchased selected products. (Commerce application required.) Display announcements to member who joined more or less then x days ago. Display announcements to selected countries members are from. Select a custom background or text color for each announcement. Keep up to date with DevFuse mod development and releases.

    • By TDBF
      Changes and Fixes
      Fixed: Cover Pick Columns would not resize to selected column sizes. This should work as expected now. Changed: Cover images have been updated to work with Lazy Load correctly. Added: Option not to show extra cover images with Our Picks main page. fixed: Couple other minor issues.  
    • By TheJackal84
      This is the support topic for (DF42) Enhanced Profile Blocks
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