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23 minutes ago, sadams101 said:

You mention that "they realize that position 600 is pretty much the same as 12000 because no one will see it anyway," but if they have a slow web site they will never have a shot at a first or second page search ranking no matter how great their content...they will be shut out by the algorithm. The only chance you have at ever getting first page rankings on any key words is by jumping through Google's hoops, and they have even created tools to help you do this, and this is the tool I focus on because it's what Googlebot is based on: 

Not true. It depends on what the keyword is. That is why long tail strategies exist that makes high rankings far easier. Speed is still just one factor so even if you load in a few milliseconds you will still not rank in the top 10 without offsite strategies. Content is still king and dwell time and quality of content still rank a lot higher than speed. This is why most companies spend money on offsite/onsite SEO or advertising over speed as long as speed is acceptable.

For e-commerce for example they spend more time on CRO than speed and their biggest concern is always duplicate content, conversion funnel and landing pages with targeted offsite strategies. Even though 1 second will give a 15-30% less conversion on mobile in the first funnel that is still less of a concern than the other issues.

Just to be clear: I have no objections against making Invision Community faster or more W3C valid. Everyone wins in that scenario 🙂

I admire you for having the energy to put into such an endeavor and whatever your end goal is I hope you achieve it.

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Thanks, I do understand that content is king and focus on this and a lot of other things as well, but the ante has been up'ed by Google now, it's both content AND many other factors, and site speed, errors, not running outdated Java or code, etc., are now, I believe, just a important as content. Google has a reason for this too, increasing efficiency of them crawling your site (they have a crawl budget for each site) saves them money by reducing power usage, and it is greener and better for the planet (although the former reason is probably the right one--it saves them money = bandwidth).

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22 hours ago, sadams101 said:


@Thomas P I don't have a paid GTmetrix account so I can only run desktop free tests there, however, to me the only speed tests that matter are Google's, which uses Lighthouse as their test engine. I did just compare both our sites, and again, I never use my home page to test, and always use a topic page, as that makes up the vast majority of my site, and yours as well. Even with all the ads loading on my site I clearly have a much better score from the comparison test I just ran below, but again, my focus is the horrible mobile performance of IPB, which will hurt your rankings far more than the desktop performance. I suspect that if we compare the same two mobile pages in GTMetrix you would get an F and I would get a B or 😄

You like to argue on the unfair side, right? 

Please read my post again: You could register for free at GTMetrix. When you are registered you could use other locations as those North American. 
GTMetrix uses Lighthouse as well. 

Google Pagespeed use their location in the US to measure other sites.
We are based in central europe and we don't use a CDN, so our site is optimized for European locations.
When looking from Australia your Topics are D-E and from Hongkong it is E-F and that has absolutely nothing to do with IPS and the forum software and frankly: It doesn't matter and if so - use a CDN with servers in that location.

For our requirement in the Europaen regions we are damn fast and as already said: It is also a matter of Server resources, configuration, using external content like ads etc. etc. and not only the forum software.

But since you argue inequitable this is my last post to you, I am out now. Bug someone else 😉

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@Steve Jabba For me the conclusion has been having to do lots of custom work on the mobile side to get my site to score just ok, maybe averaging 75 on topic pages in mobile now. Without all the custom work I would be getting scores of 35-45. I have not yet upgraded to 4.6 because I never upgrade quickly to an IPS new version. From my tests of this site which is running 4.6 there are still lots of site speed issues in mobile.

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