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IPS4.4.10 Install Error

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I've been trying to do a fresh install of IPS4, but I keep hitting a roadblock during the installation process. I've included an image where the install errors and I'm given the problem files.

Does anyone know what the issue may be and how to resolve it? Thank you.



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8 hours ago, Miss_B said:

How are you uploading the files? Can you double check and make sure that all folders and files have been uploaded correctly?

At first, I uploaded them through FTP (Filezilla) and then afterwards I uploaded them through cPanel itself. Both gave the same outcome multiple times.

4 hours ago, bfarber said:

Yeah that error isn't familiar - a file not being uploaded properly could explain it, or you can submit a ticket so we can take a look.

Interesting. Okay, I'll submit a ticket when I can.

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