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Error in log when pointing my domain at copy site

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I am pretty new to all of this and am rapidly learning bits. I am attempting to move my Forum/website from one server to another. I have tried and failed at making a mirror test site. The current site runs IPB 3.4 and PHP 5.4/6 I think. The server I am moving it to is a Plesk Onyx one, I have changed the Conf_global.php file, copied the databases and webspace over etc I kept the database details the same for the new ones to limit changing of files as I thought this was the initial cause. I then changed the DNS settings of the original domain to point to this and it fails. I seem to get an error page here:


At first the error said it was a mysql one and not ip board, I think that was firewall properties which have now been corrected. I have made a few changes as i have found out that PHP5 is redacted for Apache (I have no knowledge of this at all). I changed the PHP settings to 7.4 and managed to reduce my errors down. I had a few warnings but it should still show something with those right? The errors I get, and had the same errors before any changes to the PHP were made are these:

Error 503 GET /forum/ HTTP/1.0                                                                                           3.71 K

Apache SSL/TLS access


Error ************ 503

GET /forum/index.php?app=core&module=search&do=viewNewContent&search_app=



year&userMode&followedItemsOnly=1 HTTP/1.0

    6.75 K Apache SSL/TLS access


I apologise in advance if these seem things that I should know dealing with this but I have had no choice but to take this on. We lost our webmaster some years ago and need to shift this over to another account. No one else in the club knows how to do this so being a fast learner and some basic knowledge I thought I would try it. How hard can it be right? 


I am pulling my hair out at this as we really need to move it before the server account it sits on is closed. I am funding the current new server out of my own pocket as the club doesn't generate much money. If it did i would have just paid for someone to do it by now. 


Any help is greatly appreciated. I am willing to try anything to get this sorted. I don't know why i couldn't get the clone to work either, I suspect it will be down to the same issue.

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IP.Board 3.x does not at all support PHP 7. It is many many years old and completely unsupported.

The error in your screenshot indicates there's a database problem of some sort. You may be able to look in the /cache directory for a file with the current date to see what the actual error is (as I recall - again, 3.x is quite old and unsupported now). Your best bet realistically is to upgrade to the latest release of our software.

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I have done this now. I have managed to upgrade a new install using the old database so kept the posts, topics etc. We lose the CSS and PHP design that we had but it will be fine starting afresh, give me a good blank canvass to learn on.

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