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Problems installing a mirror copy

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I wanted to set up a mirror copy of one of my boards for testing some new style elements. I have done this several times before with this one and other of my IP boards, but this time it's not working as usually and I don't know why. I hope anyone can help me.

The original board: www.dasylab-forum.de

Mirror copy: www.tschepe.biz

Error message:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '?', expecting variable (T_VARIABLE) in /www/htdocs/rhatios/forum/init.php on line 1367

What I have done: I have duplicated the database and the html files. After that I edited the index.php in the root directory changing the IPB_URL:

define( 'IPB_URL', 'http://www.dasylab-forum.de/forum' );


define( 'IPB_URL', 'http://www.tschepe.biz/forum' );

and the forum\conf_global.php:

'board_url' => 'https://www.dasylab-forum.de/forum',
'sql_host' => 'dasylab-forum.de',
'upload_url' => 'https://www.dasylab-forum.de/forum/uploads',
'sql_database' => '********',
'sql_user' => '********',
'sql_pass' => '********',


'board_url' => 'https://www.tschepe.biz/forum',
'sql_host' => 'tschepe.biz',
'upload_url' => 'https://www.tschepe.biz/forum/uploads',
'sql_database' => '********',
'sql_user' => '********',
'sql_pass' => '********',

Any ideas? Thanks in advance for your help!


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