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Grips about IPS from members of my community.

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Getting beat up about a few things. Wondering if anyone has some clever solves.


The one big thing in the front of my mind is that the user has no way to change notification preferences PER PERSON you follow

There are global notification tools (a few of which don't seem to work as intended) but as of now when I follow someone I will get EVERY update they post across the site with no way to change that

It would be nice to be able to toggle something like "comments only" "file uploads only" etc. 

I feel like a feature like this would also help file contributors a lot because as of now users are spammed with hundreds of notifications rather than being able to be notified about the content they actually want when it's posted

(Correct me if I'm just missing this feature but I feel like I dove pretty deep to find it haha)


This x 1000. I usually am only interested in new files in downloads being uploaded, but if I follow someone, I have to see every single thing they do which can flood my notifications and make it really irritating to navigate. Almost makes me not want to comment because I will then get every message reply after I comment sent as a notification. Sometimes, there is an option to not alert me of replies, but alot of the time it is not there.


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