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Hey there,

I was wondering... how difficult would it be to create a plugin that allows a guest to be able to read, say, 3 topics before they are prompted to sign up. 

So for example, on their fourth attempt to read a topic in a set time period (1 day, 1 week etc), they are greeted with a message saying before they can continue their browsing experience they have to sign up. That message includes the sign up options - whether it's signing up through the forum, or logging in with Facebook, Twitter, Google etc. 

I would be super interested in something like this. It's a bit like a paywall, only they're "paying" with their email address. I anticipate there will be a group of people who could trick the forum by using a private browser or some other method, but I imagine that would be the minority. I want to encourage a the thousands of guests that read my forum every day to sign up.


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