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Twitter Sharing - 403 Forbidden: The server understood the r

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When I create a post I can normally share it by clicking on the various Social Media icons that were previously set up in the ACP however, I have noticed starting only yesterday that they all work with the exception of Twitter, now when I click on the icon I get this error - 403 Forbidden: The server understood the request, but is refusing to fulfill it.

Any advice would be appreciated?  

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My Twitter everything is working now. I had to go into the old link https://apps.twitter.com/ and delete my apps, then reapply for a developer account, the apps.twitter is no longer being used by twitter, once you delete your apps, and try to create a new app, you'll be prompted to apply for a developer account. The new developer accounts are now at https://developer.twitter.com/en/apps

Once you create your apps in the developer account, you should be fine. My issue was the old apps.twitter was not accepting the call back url provided in my ACP for Twitter login method.

This may have to be updated in the user manual at

Hope this helps

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