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Email template questions

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Hey IPB fam, I want to upgrade my email template game for ALL emails being sent.

That includes:

  • Auto-responding emails, like when a new user registers,
  • If they opt-in to receive a notification via email
  • Or an auto-drip campaign
  • (If there are any others, those too!)

I want all of the emails to look uniform and branded to my website's color schemes, which is navy blue, two variants of purple, pink and white.

Below is an example of an email template I'd love to use. I created this through SendGrid's email template creation tool, and I would love to mirror this in IPB. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated! 

1.) Logo

I want more control over how my logo looks in the email template. 

Using the upload option in the Email settings works, but the logo is compressed and loses quality (even if I change the file upload settings in Image settings to the best of the best on both .jpg and .png, it still looks low quality compared to the original png version).

Anyone know of a way I can tell the template to us a custom link to the .png - so it can be hi-res - versus having to use the upload form?

2.) Background color

I would also love to set the background of the entire email. I know there's an email wrapper plugin, but I also want the body of the email to also be dark navy blue as well.

3.) Font color

I know I can manually set the font to be white in the editor, however it'll be easier to use if I can always see the text, and instead tell it somehow to display as white text when it's emailed out (otherwise white on white is... no bueno).


Eventually it would be super dope for IPB to create their own email template editor, but for now I could use some advice. I know how amazing and talented this community is, so any help would be more than appreciated! 

Sidenote: If someone advises that I should hire a developer instead, I am open to that as well. 

Thank you 🙏 

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It takes HTML and CSS knowledge but you need to edit the email wrapper template.

Themes > Emails > Email wrapper

However YOU MAY need to change other templates as well as there are a lot of hard coded colors into specific templates. You would have to view them individually to verify.

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