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Add Cloudflare + LetsEncrypt SSL, can't embed images / links

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• Through my host's cPanel I enabled LetsEncrypt successfully.  
• My site uses Cloudflare, so I also had to enable SSL in Cloudflare.
• Now that that's finally all set up, I'm getting 2 new errors.

_____/ FIRST
I am unable to embed images in posts.
If I paste an image link into the ckeditor, 1 of 2 things will happen, I don't know what causes it to be which one.
1) Returns an error at the bottom of the text editing area: Unable to embed image unknown error.
2) Returns the following at the bottom of the text editing area:  Pasted as rich text.   Paste as plain text instead
Either way, the post will not include the image, just the link to it.

_____/ SECOND -
People are reporting that when they try to add links they get these types of error messages (see images)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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