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    • By NightOwlHacks984
      New update broke my. Mainly admin panels, keep saying my theme is out of date. I cannot work like this. Can someone help me fix this asap please..
      Edit, I cannot goto admin panel to get support, just throws errors.
    • By Arne Postma
      I installed the coinbase commerce plugin just now and now no one is able to login anymore, I cannot even go into my adminCP.......

      Please help!!!! 😞
      I don't know what to do
      The website works but you're unable to log in and you get http 500 errors every now and then
      I do get email notification of login on new device but I do not get past this mysql server has gone away error
      I have not changed any login details of mysql.
    • By hpcrazy
      Hi everybody,
      I have the following issue. In my community I have quite a lot subscribers who made a paid subscrition which upgrades them to an other group for a time period. Some of them made automatical renewal on paypal.
      Is it possible to create a subscription as a product in the commercial app and them merge all accounts to there ?
      The idea is that I wan't to give subscribers access to all downloads in the download app for free and for non subscribers charge an amount for a simple download.  Is that possible ? I don't want to loose all my current subcribers so I can only proceed if that is possible.
      Thanks for your help in forward.
    • By Danhardt
      good day
      i changed my root server and transferred the data from cpanel to plesk all the pages just don't work your forum software and shows me the error 500 do I have to adjust patch data somewhere or something?
      the error code
      An error occurred (500 Error) We're sorry, but a temporary technical error has occurred which means we cannot display this site right now. You can try again by clicking the button below, or try again later.  
    • By Jordan Miller
      Gratitude is an essential part of building community.
      One of the most powerful emotions is gratitude. It helps foster meaningful connections, expands awareness and, well, it just feels good!
      Invision Community features powerful tools to help you maintain relationships with your clients, customers or members. Approaching them with gratitude in mind will inspire your community to blossom into something even greater. 
      Here are five ways to show your community members you are thankful for them:
      1) Achievements

      Our robust Achievements system is the most obvious method to tap into gratitude. As a community leader or moderator, you can literally show thanks by rewarding your members.
      Manually award members a Badge and Points for exemplifying leadership, posting special content or for their positive contributions. 
      Move members into an exclusive Rank for consistently being a positive force in the community.  Display a block of Badges on the community homepage to make members’ accomplishments visible.
      2) Newsletter
      Send a bulk email from the platform directly into your members’ inbox.
      A newsletter is a wonderful way to intimately communicate with your die-hards. Blast the email to your entire community, or choose specific user groups. For example, relay this special gratitude email to members who’ve posted 100 times or more. 
      3) Curate content

      Highlight your members’ topics or blog posts by curating them for more to see. This not only thanks your community for positively contributing, but also encourages others to follow suit. 
      Use the Our Picks widget or the Feature moderation action to prominently display content items. Though different tactics, both showcase what your members are posting. 
      4) Reputation
      Our Reputation system is one of the most efficient and effective ways to show gratitude in an instant. 

      “Reacting” to members’ posts visibly shows thanks and communicates to others that the post is worth stopping and reading. Reacting also increases a member’s perceived value in the community. The higher a member’s Reputation score is, the more they are trusted by others. 
      5) Topics
      This might be the most powerful but challenging tip of all: create a topic in the Forums and tell your community you’re grateful for them. 
      It’s one thing to award badges and points, curate content and send a newsletter, but it’s another for you, the community leader, to spend a moment and personally thank your members for supporting you. They are spending their time, one of the most valuable assets, with you. That’s worth celebrating! 
      Speaking of… Invision Community would like to take this moment to thank you. Whether you are a serious hobbyist, a medium-sized company or an enterprise industry giant, we want to thank you for believing in us and using our platform to better your business.
      If you’re someone who’s interested in joining, we’d love to hear from you!
      🙏  Get in touch with us! 🙏
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