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BUG FOUND: Bulk Email Unsubscribe Members Found doesn't work


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hi, I got a bug report that when you search for members in ACP and if you want to unsubscribe found members via Bulk Email Unsubscribe Members Found you always get this in next screen if you click on that text - "This action will unsubscribe 0 members from receiving bulk emails. Are you sure you wish to proceed? "

script does not pick up filtered members.

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11 hours ago, bfarber said:

I cannot reproduce with the information provided. Please submit a ticket so we can take a look at your community to determine why this might be occurring.

Well you see that at the moment my license is expired and I believe I won't receive the the help. However after I decided to make it anyway I got the answer I was expecting - that my license was inactive and then I posted the topic here.

A day later I got answer from another person from IPS in that ticket which said:


I have taken a look at this, and it looks to be resolved in the next upcoming release.


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