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Account Credit Suggestions


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Here are a few suggestions for the Account Credit feature in Commerce.

  • Limit how many withdrawals someone can make per day/week/month.
  • Set a "pending" period for withdrawing recent commissions.  (ex: If you set a pending period for 3 days, any money/account credit a member has received in the previous 72 hours from withdrawal date cannot be withdrawn.)
  • Only show the currency the member has selected.  Having a long list of 0.00 currencies that a member doesn't use and will probably never receive creates unnecessary clutter.
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If any third party developers can create a plugin/app that does these, I'd be your first customer!  I still think it should be included in the Commerce app by default, but I don't expect this to be done anytime soon if considered.  We're working on releasing a user-to-user marketplace and the current state of Account Credit is a little too basic and we need more fund security for buyers and sellers.

Tagging some that I purchase the most from: @Makoto  @Adriano Faria  @Fosters

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