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Can you change time of daily/weekly digest emails?

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When I get up in a morning I'm faced with a list of emails that have dropped in overnight.

I'll flick through them but won't invest any more time in them than I have to as I start my day.

If I was sat (for example) in the morning and at 10am an email dropped in from a forum I was a member of I'd invest significantly more time and interest in clicking into it, having a nosey round the forum and links I'd been sent.

I'd definitely not be doing that at 10:30pm at night when my email drops in.

I see it drop in then, click it, read it, and forget about it and it's then in my 'read' emails so isn't fresh the next morning anyway.

The ability to send out digest emails for yesterdays activity at 10am for example would be amazing for me and I would be it would be far far more valuable with regards to getting click throughs onto my forums.

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