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Martin A.

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Perhaps I'm just slow.

Where are the instructions for obtaining my personal mapquest api key?


Could the MapQuest be in an easier place to find - perhaps in:

About This File on the Marketplace and/or

the Instructions PDF that comes with a download.


Edited by JimJimJimJim
Found instructions on page 111 of the support community
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That is correct. I have thought about making this a paid app many times before, both for the 4.4 and 4.3 version. And the price I'm placing on this now is the same I planned to put on it back then. (I

Days or a week. I've re-structured the main javascript code, so that needs a bit of testing. Unfortunately none of you can beta test this, as I think that would make it impossible for you to purc

I'm sure you are able to export an entire folder as a KML or KMZ file. Most of the files I've tested with contains thousands of markers.  Yes. But I'll have to make quite a few changes in order

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On 12/14/2018 at 11:57 PM, pequeno said:

Hello, in Clubs, in Membermap tab, I have this item menu:

Edit this feature (NOT WORKING)


If I select, appears this message.

It does state in the text that it's not working, doesn't it? The software expect every club feature to be editable, and they force this menu item to show up. In Member Map there isn't anything to edit and because of that I had to make the text like that.


On 12/6/2018 at 4:20 PM, JimJimJimJim said:

Perhaps I'm just slow.

Where are the instructions for obtaining my personal mapquest api key?


Could the MapQuest be in an easier place to find - perhaps in:

About This File on the Marketplace and/or

the Instructions PDF that comes with a download.


It also links you directly to it in the description text for the setting.

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7 hours ago, fix3r said:

@Martin A. did you add auto GeoIp user pins? i do not know how to use the github site

No, I have not. A pull request is a way for people to contribute with code changes to a repository, where you would develop the requested feature(s), and hand it over to the repository and the rest of the community.

I've mentioned several times in this topic that I do not have time to add new stuff to this app at the moment.

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Sorry when i ask a stupid question but i am new by administrate a forum with invasion and martins member map. 

I have done a update to the new version and whne i save, i get the answer, that something is going wrong.

The MapQuest API Key is wrong, Why? i dont now.

I register on Mapquest and after the registration i found  "(new) my Application" with a consumer key.

I copied the consumer key in the mapquest APi key Section, but the error comes again. "the value ist not allowed) I have closed the windows without saving, but the membermap still works.


What is going wrong?

Thank you


greetings from germany Werner

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I have discovered a sort of big bug in the location synchronization task, where it would mark all selected members as synched, but it wouldn't actually do anything. I advise all of you to update to 3.5.7, and click the link in the setting to restart the synch process. This will not do anything with those members you already have in your map, only those who's not will be "processed"



3.5.7 also includes a fix for the bug reported by @tigerhome de.

Edited by Martin A.
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Hi, guys,

I'm using version 3.5.7 and I have a small problem with the display of the map when viewing profiles.


When I click on "View fullsize map", the map displays well.

Except for this problem the application works perfectly well, I can see the map on any other page but not on the members' profiles.

Anyone have any ideas?

Thank you in advance for your help.


EDIT : Problem solved => Bad configuration with X-Frame-Options in nginx

Edited by Thom@s
Problem solved
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One of my members spotted something odd, related to the map. (Note I haven't upgraded to 4.4.0 yet)..

When viewing all activity in the activity streams the following appeared in the list showing that there was a new comment on a map marker:


Where it should say something like "John replied to a comment..." it has something that looks more 'codey', highlighted by the arrow.

Not a big issue, but I though I'd mention it in case it is evidence of a bigger problem.


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On 2/26/2019 at 1:03 AM, iacas said:

Awesome. Do you have any idea on the time frame? This is the last app/plugin I need to update my site.

Thank you!


On 2/26/2019 at 4:05 AM, Archimed said:

Very good news ! Waiting for that 😊


4 hours ago, fix3r said:

waiting for update as well

The updated version was posted on Tuesday. 


@JohnDar Thanks, I’ll look into that. 

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5 hours ago, Martin A. said:

After. Same with all other apps and plugins. 

My general plan:

  • Update any plugins that work with 4.3/4.4 both at any time before.
  • Deactivate the site.
  • Disable 4.3-only plugins that need updated.
  • Update the site's core software to 4.4.
  • Update the 4.4-only plugins you deactivated in step 3. Leave them deactivated.
  • Activate them one at a time to test.
  • Reactivate the site for non-admins after you've confirmed all is up and running.

There's a backup in there too.

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