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Group select (options)

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Hello everyone, i am here to ask if some developper is willing to help me out with a plugin that i need for my forum. I need a plugin that allows user to choose their own secondary groups, I know that there is one plugin that already does this but I need one improved. 

Example of what i need:

  • Guest starts registration process
  • Registration form has a yes/no field with the option (Are you a gamer? - Yes / No)
  • If Yes the registration form asks in witch platforms they are playing (Opions - PC / PSN / XBOX / Nintendo) <select platform>
  • Based on the selection of the previous option subotions are displayed (Suboption <slected platform> - Game 1 / Game 2 / Game 3 / Game 4) <slect games>
  • If the user selects 2 or more platforms then it would appear a Suboption per platform (Suboption PC - Game 1 / .... | Subotion PSN - Game 1 / ... | ...)

The user would be able to change all this settings in their profile page as well


Thank you in advance for your time.

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