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    • By toprobroy
      Thanks Marc. I will
      I have another problem though. I've upgraded to 4.6.8 and signed out.
      I can't seem to recover the password for my admin login now to the forums.  I think I changed the settings last night, to accept display name or email address.
      So when I try to login now, I'm always asked for an @ as it's asking me to type my email in.  Thus, not supporting my username.
      How can I get this resolved, so that I can check the Temp Admin Account.
    • By marklcfc
      For all those bounced emails, it would be nice to have a setting to make certain accounts have to revalidate their email as the current one is no longer active.
    • By Jai Haze
      Why do pm emails not contain images?

    • By Adriano Faria
      This resource will display a widget to members confirm their email address by clicking in a button. The widget will go away when they confirm the email address and will reappear after a number of days configured by the admin on the resource settings. Admin can still choose which user groups will be able to use the resource.
      Number of days to widget reappears Groups to show the widget Note:
      The widget won't show up to: Admins as admins can't change email address on front-end Guests
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