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Mass move topics by last activity date

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Maybe a dumb question but I'm trying to organize a fairly large forum (5+ million posts). I do not want to archive older topics, since this means they are no longer searchable. Also as mentioned by IPS, its not such a big deal anymore with the advancements made with the forum software and MySQL. I'm mainly doing this because our forum is pretty old and we've only hosted uploads for the last couple years. As such we have a lot of topics with broken images with no solution to fix. The conversation / posts still hold value, so I would rather not delete and do now want to archive as they'd no longer be searchable. So my solution is to create an 'archive' category and mirror the basic forum structure. Then run something that allows me to initiate a mass move, between a specific target and with a specific destination, any thread with latest activity that is equal to or greater than [input date].

Going to assume this feature probably doesn't exist, but wanted to verify it after a fruitless search on here. Maybe there's a plugin or some other similar feature?

Any advice / suggestion?


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