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Google, Adsense, and Robots.txt


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Hey all,

I have a forum which is football based. I use Adsense for income. 

On the site there's the football stuff which google crawls, indexes and is searchable on Google etc

Adsense also places adverts on there with no issue

I also have another section where the members talk about music, jobs, general news and non football stuff. 

Google doesn't crawl this, doesn't index it, and it's not searchable or visible to anyone visiting the site who isn't logged in.

I want to place Adsense ads on there so I created a login for Adsense, and put the hidden forum section URL into Adsense for it to crawl and then advertise on.

I don't want Google to index this or make it searchable on google as it's non-football related and would hurt the site image etc and it's not relevant for people who want football stuff.

Adsense came back to me saying they have been blocked by the robots.txt and therefore at the moment can't place ads on this part of the site


So what can I do?

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