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Problem with buttons

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Hi all,

Hope you can help me with this one.

I have a forum where there's a problem after posting a new post/thread.

After pressing the button to submit the new post or to start the new thread the content posts just fine, but then all buttons on the site except the banner don't work.

If I try to click on the reply box below the post it won't respond or open either 

If I refresh the page it all works fine

It just seems to be after I've posted something, it doesn't seem to refresh the page properly and renders all links/buttons useless

Any ideas?

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Have cleared cache and it's still occuring.

Seems to be only whilst using Chrome browser though which is really strange.

I'm just testing it now, post a new topic, put a photo in there and some text, hit submit button and the page refreshes but the only button then working is the main page banner.

The quick reply box and everything else is just totally unresponsive.

Very frustrating

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