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Is there a way 2 disable newsletters in bulk against a list?

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hi, I recently got into email list cleaning since my community is 14 years as of 2 days ago. 🙂 I know yaaay 😄

so I discovered neverbounce.com they do a solid work and even offer 1000 free cleans on a new account.

Thing is I exported some emails from IPS ACP members list. fed it to neverbounce it spit back out a list of non-existant, not working and otherwise unusable email boxes in a csv format.

1m dollar question now is how do I unsubscribe from receiving my emails in BULK those members which have those bad emails?

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What I would do personally is to take the CSV file and open it in my editor, and then use regular expressions in the search/replace feature of my editor to turn something like (assuming the email address is the only column)...



UPDATE core_members SET allow_admin_mails=0 WHERE email='$1';

I don't know the specific format of your CSV file though, what editor you might use, your skill level with regular expressions, etc. I was just giving you generalized "this is how you turn off bulk mails for an email address" information so you could formulate a better plan on how to do it in bulk.

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@bfarber first when I saw your reply I did not entirely understood what you have meant by this and this morning when I revisited it there was this AHA moment.

Thanks, I'll be generating a bunch of queries and executing them like that. 🙂

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@bfarber since you are good with regex and notpad++ can you help me crack this case I have.

Back in v3 days I made some custom bbcode spoiler reveal tag which after upgrading to v4 sort of locked the text between those tags. I investigated and eventually found out that I should run a mass replace query on a notepad++ but I can't figure out an exact command to achieve this.

This is how a post look in the database

<div class=\"bbc_spoiler\">\n	<span class=\"spoiler_title\">Next move</span> <input type=\"button\" class=\"bbc_spoiler_show\" value=\"Rodyti\"><div class=\"bbc_spoiler_wrapper\"><div class=\"bbc_spoiler_content\" style=\"display:none;\">THE HIDDEN TEXT</div></div>\n</div>

and I must replace it to this for it to work normally

<div class=\"ipsSpoiler\" data-ipsSpoiler=\"\"><div class=\"ipsSpoiler_header\"><span></span></div><div class=\"ipsSpoiler_contents\"><p>THE HIDDEN TEXT</p></div></div>

But the problem is that in the first line ends with


and should be changed to


and I can't figure out how to make a replacement query that would remove one /div. Thing is that there is about 1300 other instances of


in other bbcodes so if I mass replace that - then I mess up something else entirely in working posts.

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