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A few Commerce suggestions


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I found out that if you have a field that you show on purchase but don't require it, if its empty it still shows in the Client area even if you can't edit it so you get this awkward question in your client area:



For hosting accounts, regardless if they have no expiry (for free accounts for example) you should always have the option to "Cancel" or "Terminate" the package.

Currently my members have to message us via support to cancel services that they no longer need or we have to manually check for inactivity since there is no payment lapsing happening.

When viewing the invoice list when you click on the "customer" or username of the member that made the purchase it should bring you to the Customer tab not the Member tab.

Lastly, this is a bug in the theme. If an account is cancelled/terminated the cPanel information is removed from the database however when you look at the purchase it throws an error:


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