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Member account deleted, posts remain

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Had a member account inadvertently deleted.  All the blogs were lost, all the posts in the forum area remain and are orphaned to a guest member.  I have found within the PHPAdmin the topic locations and can modify that location to assign the post to the newly created/reinstated account.  However in the forum view the topic is still identified as orphaned until you click on the specific topic itself and are viewing the content.  Once the edit is done the topic itself is linked to the new account as well.


How can I do this in an easy way, or quickly?


How can I get the forum view to correctly presented the topic as posted by the new user account?

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Thanks for your response


the forums_posts table edit provided me the described outcome I wrote to.


I am looking at forums_topics as that seems to be the location used to present the forums themselves and the topic lists.

So I tested the forums_topics table and it is there right space to make the edits for the forum display.

forums_posts for the individual assignment of the post to the user.


Is there any way to do this as a batch or not?

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How do I do that?  When I attempted to do this in admin cp it didn't seem to recognize the account of quest because it isn't associated with a user id.  At least that was my belief.


I tried to do merge account data while in the user account profile but it requires a user account, (ID based account).  It doesnt seem to like to take the name guest.

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