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how to set admin panel to save the login via cookies

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i wish to change the timeout of my admin panel to about 12 hours.

i have change the session.gc-maxlifetime to 43200‬ in the php.ini.

but when i open a new tab to open a new session of the admin panel, i need to log in again.

i have also disabeld the ip chack so when i go from wifi to 4G it will not disconect me.

just left with the open a new window of the admin pannel, and if im currect the only way is to save the log in in the cookies.

thank you.


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At this time you cannot simply open a new tab to the AdminCP because we embed a session key in the URL, and we only allow one session at a time per account.

You can, instead, right click a link on the first tab and open it in a new tab, as this will include the session key in the URL.

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