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how to disable "REQUIRED" text field in support ticket

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i will be more spesific.

i meant to remove the selected text location complitly, and not only the "required" on it.

if i remove the intire writing on the new support ticket, when the user submit it, it wont check it becuse it dose not exsist.

i have not located the file that edit the base form of the support ticket.

if the support ticket will include only "subject" and all custum fields, without the difualt main text airea. and i will ad coustum field with text ariea, it wont be "required"

thank you.


the part i want to remove:


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can you please tell me how dos it work? 

for my understanding (my lvl of html\css\php is a but more then a beginner) if you have a form, and the form dos not have the field that in need to chack with the php, so it will skip it.

the html pass the information to the php, but the html chacks if it have been field or not.

but if i remove the intire section then it wont be checkt, and the form will be sent without cheking the information and will send it sucsesfuly.


or, is it possible to add "defualt" information, so if the user will send the information without writing any thing, the form will send succsesfuly since it have the difualt values in the section.

(like in the "yes or no" feature)


thank you.


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@amiaz peisach Its required in order for other functions to work. An example would be like submitting a topic with only a title.

The custom fields would be the title fields and the box is the actual topic information itself.

So as stated above its really not possible. You may be able to request a customization from a dev:



They would have to code a plugin for you that would fill that in with default information and hide it.

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i have figurd it out.

the way to add autofill texterea in all ckeditor4 location is here:


at this line of code: 

<textarea name="{$name}" data-role='contentEditor' class="ipsHide" tabindex='1'>{$value|doubleencode} add data here</textarea>




thank you all for your help.


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The proper way to do this would be to write a plugin against \IPS\nexus\Support\Reply to remove the form element, and then to build the content to be saved. In order to do this properly, though, you'd need a good grasp on our framework and how content items work and interact. I'm glad you've found a solution that works for you, but just wanted to respond for anyone else who may come across this.

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