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Sidebar Ads Blocked Starting Today


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I ran into a problem after changing the template above. The issue is that on mobile, the sidebar doesn't load at the bottom of the page. As soon as I change the template back to sidebarAd rather than sidebarAxd, then it loads on mobile just fine. 

Is there an actual solution to getting the sidebar to load when people are using adblock plus? The name "sidebarAd" should be a red flag. 

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Looking further into this, I can't figure out why the sidebar isn't being shown. IN the screenshot below you can see the data-role has my change "sidebarAxd". This enabled it to be shown despite Adblock Plus and it works for the desktop. On mobile (screenshot below) you can still see the image in the code, but it isn't displayed. It's as if there is a display=none somewhere. 

Does anyone have any clue how to get this working?

I opened a support ticket, but this is outside the scope of support.





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